“Bone deep musical sensibility; a thrilling focus on the pace, the rhythms and the intention of the musical discourse; a perfection of detail in the meaningful context of the whole. Nothing neglected, nothing inflated and everything brimming with life.”

“The youthful group played each one with such verve, commitment and understanding of its character, it was impossible not to be thoroughly engaged.”

“Passion and dedication… Viva Via Salzburg!”

The Globe and Mail

“Seiler’s playing is precise yet flexible, at once strong and lyrical.” “Mayumi Seiler may not usually play new music, but when she picks up her bow and violin, she plays as if each work were freshly written.”

“Each instrumental part glowed on its own, yet was weaved seamlessly into the whole.”

“Combines top international players with the cream of Canadian talent……Little wonder that Via Salzburg has been hailed by critics and are consistently sold out.”

The Toronto Star

“Mayumi Seiler unites the technical excellence of the Orient with the grand chamber music tradition of Germany.”

Strad Magazine

“Her emotional connection to the music can be felt the instant her fingers draw the bow across her violin.”

Performance Magazine

“It was an evening of deep feeling.”

The Live Music Report

“Continues to delight the city.”

National Post