In 1999, violinist Mayumi Seiler set out to fulfill her musical vision of a Toronto-based chamber music ensemble that would fuse the extraordinary talents of both Canadian and international musicians with string based repertoire ranging from the Baroque to the contemporary. Thus was born Via Salzburg, an ensemble drawing its name from the city in which Ms. Seiler was raised; Salzburg has long been known as a musical centre and as the birthplace of the musical genius Mozart.

As both founder and Artistic Director, Ms. Seiler strives to make Via Salzburg a unique experience for both the audience and the performers; along the way, she has led an impressive array of groundbreaking concerts to critical acclaim. Ms. Seiler carefully creates each program to tell a story of music that spans the centuries and the globe to converge in each unique Via Salzburg concert. The Via Salzburg Chamber Orchestra is an extremely flexible ensemble that reconstitutes itself as the repertoire requires to allow the audience to experience Ms. Seiler’s beautiful and challenging musical vision.

Via Salzburg has been a fertile proving ground for many talented young performers who have subsequently used their experience with Ms. Seiler to achieve international careers as performers and teachers. Further, recognizing that a love of music requires nourishment from an early age, Via Salzburg maintains an active participation in educational outreach to both youth and young performers.